We live in a system of fear

Have you ever realized how much fears determine our lives? We are aware of some fears, but many fears run unconsciously and control our behavior and our reactions to our fellow human beings and our environment. I claim that we are unaware of most fears, as well as many other feelings, because they were created in our childhood. It is even possible that they come from a previous life and continue to work in our subconscious.

Fear is a very negative energy. You also transfer it to your surroundings. According to the law of attraction, if one does not overcome one's fears, one increases this energy. To do this, however, they must become aware.

And we live in a time when fears are still being fueled. The economic situation, the political situation, the so-called climate change.

It is very worthwhile to take a close look at this phenomenon, as consciously dealing with it can uncover a lot of potential and energy. Your potential, your energy, which you need for a self-determined, free and happy life. Fear comes from being tight. And when you're tight, you're not far, not open to life. And life wants to unfold, in every moment. Possible consequences are dissatisfaction, depression, burnout and, in addition, serious chronic illnesses including cancer.

Happy people are less sick because they simply have more positive energy. You lead a fuller life and have more positive experiences.

You can work for your luck. The first step is absolute self-love. The further steps build on this.

I would be happy to accompany you on your way there.

Just get in contact with me.




What does professionalism mean to us?

Professionalism is very important in most areas of life and work.

When we use the services of others, we rightly expect professionalism. A certain standard should be met. Professionalism here refers to the job.

Meanwhile, the term is also used very often when it comes to the behavior of people. A critical judgment is quickly at hand if someone is not behaving professionally. Of course, also admiration and appreciation for those who behave professionally.

Professionalism has become so important that it has almost become a compulsion that no longer allows unprofessional behavior, whatever that may be. Professionalism has become the benchmark.

But what is the result?

If we don't behave professionally, our actions will be called into question. We are sometimes even questioned or devalued as human beings.

Nobody is perfect. People make mistakes. We all know that and we are happy to claim it for ourselves. Even if we want to protect someone else, for example.

Nevertheless, it is also judged mercilessly. Professionalism is the maxim.

But first and foremost, we are humans, with strengths and weaknesses, with emotions and much more. We are not perfect. We should always allow ourselves and others to do so. And what does it matter if your collar bursts or you burst into tears, you vent your feelings? It doesn't matter, on the contrary, it makes us more human.

However, if we put professionalism above everything, our humanity falls by the wayside.

Much more important than professionalism in behavior is authenticity. Then we are really human, we are ourselves and can also be perceived as such. That creates closeness and solidarity because we are all so familiar with it.

And finally, good professionalism can grow from authenticity.




What are we here for, what is our mission and what do we need for it?

Everyone asks sooner or later about the meaning of their life. Often a deep and satisfactory answer is not found. That may be because the question of what makes sense is not really encouraged. Basically, this should be conveyed by parents in childhood. But if they don't really know it themselves, they can't pass it on either. So every person is more or less called upon to search for answers.

Our western culture gives us values. These are usually very materially oriented. Material prosperity, a good education, a good job with a corresponding income, an attractive partner, a nice car and later a nice house. Just a good life.

If you look closely, there is a lack of inner values. Where is the view of the inner gifts that every person brings with them, from birth? Why are these individual gifts not encouraged enough from the start?

Society sets crucial stages in life. Day nursery, kindergarten, school, apprenticeship or study and then into professional life. What does the job market demand? Here, too, the focus is primarily on the needs of society and the economy. The economic aspects predominate. And they are externally determined.

What happens to people who do not fit into the system from the outset? They become conspicuous or they refuse. ADD or ADHD is then often diagnosed and a drawer is found. You could also call this pathologization, because it doesn't fit so well into our given life. Basically this is a very healthy reaction from people who feel inside that something else wants to come to light in them. However, this is then often suppressed, also with medication. The result is that people get really sick.

Every person has a life of their own. And this wants to develop. It is our clearly defined mission to develop. Of course, education is required in order to learn the rules of the social game. But that should be fine. Because if we support our children in discovering and developing their own talents, then we give them the great opportunity to really grow up and to authentically develop their potential.

The prevailing view is that we are and can only become something through what we have learned in training and studies. Accordingly, we identify with our profession, our title and our position in society. Yes, and of course with our car, our house and our partner. These are our status symbols with which we make it clear to the outside world who we are or who we think we are.

What is obviously missing here? The inner values. The awareness that we as human beings, each and every one regardless of their origin, are good enough the way we are. The realization that we already have everything we need for this life here on earth. The courage to develop on this basis.

In our day and age, depression is growing exponentially. Burnout is now medically recognized. And there is no positive trend in sight, on the contrary. I assume that this goes hand in hand with increasing self-alienation. Self-denial based on external requirements and values. Neglect of one's own values and intuition. Loss of self-esteem due to a lack of individual development opportunities. Fears of an insecure existence. The consequence of this can only be illness, and indeed on very different levels, both physically and mentally.

We are holistic beings, spiritual beings with a human body. In order to unfold as creation intended for us, we have to establish contact with our innermost being. Inwardly, we know exactly what is good for us and what is not. But this inner voice is all too often suppressed by external requirements and guidelines. It starts at home and continues through all institutions.

Now one can argue that in the end one has to adapt in order to exist in this society. But that is only partially correct. What use is it to society if we cannot develop our potential and therefore get sick? Wouldn't all of us be better served if everyone developed their positive gifts and talents and thus contributed to the community?

There are many people who have realized for themselves that they cannot and do not want to go on the beaten path because it makes them sick. You set off, maybe hesitantly at first, but then with more and more determination. First to yourself and then into the world. These people live to their real potential at some point and they are usually an asset to everyone.

Without exception, we are all responsible for our lives and what we make of them. It's a great chance to become who we really are. Not just any decal of someone else, not an imitation of any size that is presented to us as a model. Others can inspire us, yes, but we are challenged to find our own way. We received the gift for this when we were born. Let's expose them. Because the development continues, also beyond our own life.

I am happy to support you on your way, as a companion for a certain stretch of a common path, empathetic, experienced, inspiring, provocative.

Just get in contact with me. Take courage!




Speechlessness despite multidimensional communication?

Although we live in times of extremely diverse communication options, our ability to really communicate with one another seems to be diminishing. This is at least always clear when there are differences of opinion. I have often made the experience, and still do it, that communication is reduced if not completely stopped. This is how real conflict and development is blocked and prevented.

Obviously, we can learn again to maintain contacts despite differences of opinion, to stay in touch and to go through a common development process that leads to mutual respect, respect and appreciation, despite differing views. These terms are very topical and they are used a lot. But are they really lived? There is definitely a desire to do so, but the implementation is often lacking.


One reason for this may be that we have learned too little to really get involved in conflicts, to name them and to develop a path towards each other. Behind this, there may be a fear of injury. We definitely want to avoid that because it is painful. Contacts are more likely to be broken off. However, this avoidance behavior ties up energy that can then no longer flow. And it creates walls, boundaries that must be maintained for your own defense, which in turn binds energy. We then lack this energy for our joy of life.

We are not good at handling supposed rejection. But we have to learn that if we really want to face a conflict and strive for a mutually satisfactory solution.

This consequently means that we have to get in contact again in order to keep our life energy in motion. Contact with ourselves and our needs and contact with our counterpart. Otherwise we run the risk of freezing more and more in our self-made walls and perhaps looking for another compensation. This leads to repression and perhaps also to substitute satisfaction. In any case, it won't make us happy in the long run.

The way to satisfying relationships, to satisfaction and happiness, leads through openness, for yourself and for your counterpart. Discussion is good, also with the exchange of different opinions and points of view. But development is only possible with openness. And that's what we're here for after all.