References from my previous work as a training consultant at the Oldenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce


As head of human resources and training, I have been working closely with Mr. Matthias Ackermann for many years in his position as training consultant at the Oldenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce. I value him professionally and personally.

His thoughts and actions are analytical and structured, excellently combined with knowledge of human nature and empathy.

I got to know Mr. Ackermann as an absolutely reliable and extremely knowledgeable training consultant.

I wish him much success in his future self-employment and that he may keep and continue to use his positive attitude towards life.

 Ilka Berthold | CHRO | Human resources and training

Fashion House Leffers Oldenburg






We have had a trusting and committed collaboration with Mr. Ackermann for years. Always focused on
the solution, Mr. Ackermann is a valuable contact person as - in the literal sense - a training consultant.

In addition to all legal and technical questions, the person as a trainer or trainee is always the focus of his considerations.

We wish Mr. Ackermann all the best and much success in his endeavors!


Thorsten Tooren, qualified businessman,

Head of training for the Bünting group of companies






As regional training manager for the Oldenburg and East Frisia-Jade regions, I have been
working with Mr. Matthias Ackermann for many years in his position as training consultant for the Oldenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


“Everyone can be replaced” – this saying does not apply to Mr. Ackermann. It should say here: “Many can be replaced, Mr. Ackermann cannot.” Professional competence, willingness to help that goes far beyond the call of duty, empathy, commitment, friendliness, reliability, commitment, discretion, structured way of thinking and working, accessibility, ……, etc.. All characteristics characterize Mr. Ackermann at the highest level.

I very much regret that Mr. Ackermann is no longer available to our AOK, but of course I wish him all the best for his future self-employment.


Gudrun Stolle

Regional training manager

AOK - The health insurance fund for Lower Saxony





Mr. Ackermann has been available to us as a competent training consultant for six years.


Our training framework plan was expertly reviewed by Mr. Ackermann, discussed and revised in detail.


Our unique joint training with the Hooksiel water ski lift was initiated in a knowledgeable and competent manner by Mr. Ackermann. It was thanks to Mr. Ackermann that all hurdles were quickly removed. This made a decisive contribution to the success of the joint training.


His empathetic and structured work with the company management and our trainees has always led to success, even in problematic situations.


Mr. Ackermann is a very knowledgeable, reliable training consultant and we sincerely wish him much success in his independence.


Susanne Herrmann

Management Fitness World Schortens







In my role as training manager, I got to know Mr. Ackermann as an extremely reliable,
trustworthy and, above all, very knowledgeable contact in the role of training consultant at the IHK Oldenburg. With his valuable food for thought and proposed solutions, people were always the focus of his structured considerations.


I wish Mr. Ackermann all the best for his new task and venture and, above all, continued success.


Christian Janßen

Training manager

Popken Fashion Group







I got to know and appreciate Mr. Ackermann in my role as human resources and training manager
during the development phase of our branch in Oldenburg in 2007.


With his collaboration, we managed to build very good training work.


Since then, Mr. Ackermann has supported us continuously in a competent and trustworthy manner. He was always committed to the training needs of our branch and helped with all questions.


In addition to his professional competence, Mr. Ackermann is particularly characterized by his social skills; The people in training are always his priority.


We wish Mr. Ackermann much success and all the best in his personal goals.


Grit Heger

HR management

IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG


Oldenburg branch